About us

Economic development is the major skill of the Occitanie Region, which has been strengthened since the adoption of the NOTRe law for a “New Territorial Organisation of the Republic” in August 2015.

The Regional Scheme for Economic Development (SRDE) and the Regional Business Internationalisation Plans (PRIE) place Sud de France Développement, a semi-public limited company financed by the region, as the export gateway for businesses in Occitanie.

Each year Sud de France Développement coordinates a programme comprised of nearly 300 actions in four divisions: tourism, wine, agri-food and multisectoral. The Multisector Division includes the industries of wellness, digital technologies, water and environment.

Sud de France Développement helps 2,400 enterprises expand internationally and conquer new markets by structuring individual efforts, by prospecting new markets and by enabling the promotion of businesses products and for know-how through the Sud de France trademark.

Sud de France Développement has innovative and high-performance tools, tangible solutions and efficient networks to support the strategy and expertise offered to businesses.

Country missions, trade fairs, receptions for foreign delegations, showrooms and clubs are some of the mechanisms made available by Sud de France Développement, as well as the four international “Maisons de la Region” business development centres in Shanghai, Casablanca, London and New York which put their knowledge of the host country at the service of international business development.

Sud de France Développement promotes the trademark of Sud de France which assembles under an umbrella brand name wine, agriculture and agri-food products, wellness and tourism services, wood and horticultural industries as well as construction firms from Occitanie.

The trademark gathers nearly 2 000 enterprises and more than 9,000 products. The Sud de France destination groups 1 170 businesses with the trademark of Tourisme Sud de France, 56 members of the Cercle Prestige (Prestige Circle), 90 members of the Club Business and 41 members of the Club Œnotourisme (Wine Tourism Club).