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Legal information

Site Publishers :

Sud de France Développement
3840 Avenue Georges Frêche
CS 10012


Export Entreprises SA :

1 rue de Stockholm
75008 - Paris
Tel: 0033 (0)1 55 27 25 25
Fax: 0033 (0)1 55 27 25 27
N° de SIRET : 950 571 224 000 76


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Conditions of Use of Sud de France Développement

1. Définitions
2. Purpose of the site
3. Scope of application of the Terms and Conditions
4. Conditions for accessing the Site’s sections
5. Subscription to Alerts
6. Liability of Export Entreprises and Sud de France Développement
7. User password

8. Ownership of personal information
9. User Assistance
10. Site Maintenance
11. Acces rights to personal information
12. Claims

13. Jurisdiction




•  The Site: the site developed by Sud de France Développement and EXPORT ENTREPRISES under the name Sud de France Développement are described below.

•  Client :  All company or professional who utilises the free or pay per use services of the Site " Sud de France Développement" ; each Client is representd by one (or more) User(s), i.e. physicial person(s) authorized by the Client to operate on the Site on his behalf. In order to acces the services of the site,  the User must designated the Client he or she is acting for and identify him or herself via the profile creation form.

•  User : All physical person exercising duties with a client and recipient of a user password. The user acts on behalf of the client.

• Profile creation : Form filled-in by the user on behalf of the client in order to identify himself or herself on the Site and for having access to the services of the Site.

•  User password : Secret password chosen by the user in order to access the services of the Site and limit access ti himself or herself to his or her own user profile.

•  User profile : Set of information in relationship to a User, in particular defining the Clients activity, the user name, the memory spaces et répertoires mis à disposition de l'Utilisateur par EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA.

•  Alert subscription : Online form to subscribe to "ALERST",  a personnalised service for Clients of Sud de France Développement in order to receive market studies on their activity for a specific geographical area.

• Partner : Companies other than EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA who participate in the production of information and services on this Site.


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2. Purpose of the Site Sud de France Développement

The objective of Sud de France Développement is to help professionnals , i.e. companies, independent entrepreneurs or any organism with an objective to develop its international activities further. The Site has two main components  :

  • freely accessible content: Country profiles.
  • content and services requireing prior registration: Market studies and alerts and the Services to which access it limited to Clients only, which is to so say to companies and professionnals who identified and registered themselves on the Site.

A registration is effective once the Client has given compulsory information and confirmed his registration. EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA reserves the right to reject access to the site if the information provided through the registration is incomplete or wrong.

Sud de France Développement is strictly limited to professionnels having the required credentials. EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA reserves the right to cancel access to a Client who is not a professional or who has provided wrong information through the registration form.

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3. Scope of application of the standard terms

The present terms and conditions apply to all domaines registered by "Sud de France Développement", hereftafter designated as "The Site", including all services proposed by  EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA. All services and content are provided for free, unless specified differently et receive special attention:  in order to avoid abuse, EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA reserves the right to limit answers given to User who use the free services in an abusive manner or with no relation with their needs.

The Site offers numerous services ; some are provided by EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA, others are offered by EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA but provided by third parties, partners of EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA, while some others may be directly provided on the Site directly by partners of d'EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA.

These Terms and Conditions prevail over any paper copy; EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA reserves the right to modify the present Terms and Conditions without notice.

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4.Conditions for accessing the Site’s sections

The site is accessible all time, except interruption for update or maintenance or in case of telecommunication services interruption. Iinterruption of acces does not give any right to compensation.

EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA ensures necessary research and adresses user demands during woking days and regular working hours in France, which are Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 18h00.

4.1. Once a service request submitted, EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA starts the required research and attempts to deliver the answers within the foreseen schedule with the best of its capacity. However, EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA does not take responsibility for any delay of the deadlines announced by him or its partners and correspondents.

EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA reserves the right to deny a request of a Client if it sees, beforehand, that its own resources, partners and correspondents are not able to respond to the request.

Furthermore, if during the carrying out of the request, EXPORT ENTREPRISES sees that it cannot by its own resources, partners and correspondents  answer the clients' request, the client will be informed by the shortest possible delay by EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA. The Client has no right for compensation should EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA not be able to fulfill the request.

4.2. Submission of the answer :

Once the answer to the request ready, it is made available to the Client by EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA, through the personnal space accessible via his or her password. EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA notifies the Client per email the name of the folder where the answer is uploaded and saved. This message as well as the confirmation of receipt confirm sucessful delivery of the requested service, in absence of any reclamation within 5 working days starting from the uplodad and the notification of the response.

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5.Subscription to alerts

Subscription to alerts is free of charge. The User indicates through selection or keyword his industries and countries of interest.

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6.Liability of Export Entreprises

As regards the services, contents and links proposed on the Site :

EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA commits itself to provide with the best possible effort complete, accurate and reliable information.

However, considering the difficulties to acces information, the diversity of sources, delays, absences or bad conditions of publication of information, of updating and translating these information, constantly changing laws, rules and norms, the information provided by EXPORT ENTREPRISES can be considered only as indicative for information purposes only and can by no means consist a liability of EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA, nor of its partners and correspondents should a information provided be outdated or inaccurate.

Furthermore, EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA cannot be held responsible for information, commercial offers or any other content of websites to which a link is provided via the Site.

Finally, EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA cannot be held responsible for information displayed on the Site as which results from a malicious act of a third party on its informatic system and declines all responsibility as regards disturbances, technical incidents, viruses and other issues resulting from the use of telecommunication, informatic and electronic material and supports.

EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA cannot under no circumstances be held responsiblesne for any direct or indirect harm or prejudice suffered by the User or the Client due to : (i) the responses supplied to the Client, (ii) temporary unavailability of the Site (iii) potential interruptions or suspensions of the site in cas of mal-functionning or for maintenance (iv) discovery  or use of the password by unauthorized parties (v) delays beyond those indicated by EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA, or its Partners and  correspondents in order to submit a response, (vi) in case of force majeure.

Clients and Users are the sole responsibles for the questions posed and the usage made of the information supplied as reply.

EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA and its partners will keep the questions received confidential.

Under no circumsances none of the two parties can be held responsible in case of force majeure. Are considered as force majeure, additionnally to those considered by Law, all delay, non or bad execution of its obligation due to partial or general strikes, internal or external to one or both of the parties having an impact on its activities, lock out, war, riots, insurrection, storm, flooding, blocking of means of transport and/or communications and more generally all event beyong control of the party victim of the force majeure.

Should a case of force majeure or similar event impede the execution of the services,  in particular not allowing access to the Site for more than 30 consecutive days, each party may terminate the present arrangement without notice and by a simple letter sent by recommendation with acknowledgement of receipt. In this case, the User password will be deconnected from the site by EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA.

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7. User password

Each User has a single, individual and secret password with which he or she identifies himself or herself on the site.

The User has the sole responsibility for the password and he has to ensure that his password will not be known or used by any third party or unauthorized person.

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8. Ownership of personal information

Subscription and identification on the site does not constitute ownership of data made available by the Site. User and Clients consult "Sud de France Développement" on their own behalf. All information, data, and any content, texts, tables, images and graphs on Sud de France Développement constitute a database over which, according to Law, EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA detains intellectual property.

Consequently, Clients and Users agree to use data, informations and answers received by "Sud de France Développement" only for their own internal needs and to refrain of communicating or sharing them with any third person free of charge or against payment and to refrain to make any commercial use of them whether directly or indirectly. Non compliance with these provisions will result in cancelling the subscription and the account of the User and Client, without prejudice as regards further legal actions by EXPORT ENTREPRISES against the Client in question.

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9. User assistance

Assistance on the site, its services and the content can be obtained by writing an email to :  : question[at]Sud de France Développement (substitute "a" with "@")

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10. Maintenance

EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA reserves the right to temporarly interrupt access to all or parts of the content and services for maintenance or other reasons without granting the right for compensation in case of experiencing these interruptions.

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11. Access rights to personal information

Each Client may ask EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA to communicate his or her information stored on the site and ask for modification or deletation in compliance with "loi n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 relative à l'informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés." The client may also oppose transmission of this information to third parties in writing to EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA, 1 rue de Stockholm, 75008 Paris.

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12. Claims

Any claim must be submitted in writing to EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA, 1 rue de Stockholm, 75008 Paris.

13. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by French law and only the French version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. In case of a dispute regarding the interpretation, performance and fulfillment of any of the provisions of the present terms and in absence of a mutual agreement between the Client and EXPORT ENTREPRISES SA, claims will be referred to courts in Paris as the only courts recognized as competent to adress the dispute.