The international Maisons de la Région Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée

Sponsored by Sud de France Développement, these facilities relay to the field all the actions of its Agro-food, Tourism, Wine and Multisectoral Departments through a varied programme of promotional activities: trade fairs, prospection missions, training, webinars, tastings, networking events, eductours, press tours, partnerships with distribution networks, recruitment of buyers for business conventions…

The strength of the experts of the Maisons resides in their knowledge of the regional economic fabric and their in-depth understanding and analysis of local markets. Over the years, they have been able to raise the awareness and maintain the interest of foreign buyers and prescribers through their daily influence on their wide-ranging personal networks. This proximity enables them to detect and seize business opportunities over the whole of their territory and even beyond their borders, in order to generate more business for the region.

The international Maisons de la Région are a mainstay of support for nearly 1000 regional businesses that take advantage of these services every year. They are a real bridging service, advising and assisting businesses in their rollout initiatives on foreign markets in order to build their lasting market presence.

The very good targeted results achieved for regional exports to foreign markets where our international Maisons de la Région are located prove their relevance and effectiveness and confirm the many expressions of satisfaction on our services from regional businesses and foreign professionals. By concentrating their cross-cutting and collective actions around the Sud de France brand name and by developing more personalised relationships with professionals, our international Maisons de la Région have had a decisive impact.

Key figures 2015

121 actions undertaken in collaboration with the Maisons

956 regional businesses have benefited from the actions and services of the Maisons, which represents 1957 participants

Over 5000 potential foreign clients, buyers and contractors (companies) attended the events at our Maisons

A database of 37 633 qualified professional contacts who are ready for action


All the activities of the international Maisons de la Région Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée are managed by the Coordination Unit of the Maisons de Sud de France Développement. For more information on the Maisons and the services they offer, please contact us at this address: coordinationmaisons@suddefrance-dvpt.com

Focus on the services offered by the Maisons: real field support for businesses

The facilities of the Maisons are unique in France and, along with the action programme, offer a range of free services dedicated to businesses from the Region of Occitanie / Pyrenees-Mediterranean who wish to build a lasting presence on these markets.

  • In 2015: 420 beneficiary regional businesses


Work stations, fully equipped meeting rooms and modular areas to host different types of events in a professional setting are available free of charge to regional businesses on request.

  • In 2015: 42 beneficiary regional businesses


Regional business people who are ready to export may also have free access to professional accommodation under contract in the offices of the Maisons. Valid for up to a year, this accommodation in a professional business setting lends credibility to their approaches to potential clients, improves their responsiveness and helps them to calmly take their first steps in new target markets.

  • In 2015: 20 beneficiary regional businesses


Products with the Sud de France brand name can be displayed in the showrooms of the Maisons to provide greater exposure.

  • In 2015: 326 beneficiary regional businesses


Regional businesses can also benefit from the expertise and team networks in our Maisons to help them understand, interpret and approach markets on specific issues. You can be linked up with a network of experts and qualified local experts (for legal, financial, logistics and communications/publicity advice…) and be assisted at every stage of their development.


In close collaboration with the different departments of Sud de France Développement, our Maisons are rolling out an ambitious promotional programme with a network of qualified foreign professionals designed to assist regional businesses to launch their export operations and help them to win new contracts.


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