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flag Benin Benin: Introduction

Capital: Porto-Novo


Total Population: 10,323,474
Natural Increase: 2.7%
Density: 92 Inhabitants/km²
Urban Population: 46.2%
Ethnic Origins: Fon 39.2%, Adja 15.2%, Yoruba 12.3%, Bariba 9.2%, Peulh 7%, Ottamari 6.1%, Yoa-Lokpa 4%, Dendi 2.5%, other 1.6% (includes Europeans), unspecified 2.9%.
Official Language: French
Other Languages Spoken: Fon and Yoruba in South of Benin and six major tribal languages in the North
Business Language(s): English
Religion: Christians 42.8%, Muslims 24.4%, Vodoun 17.3%, Other 15.5%.
Literacy Rate: 34.7%

Local Time:

It is %T:%M %A In Porto Novo

Exchange Rate on :

National Currency: CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)

Country Overview

Area: 114,760 km²
Type of State: Democratic Republic.
Type of Economy: Low-income economy.
Much corruption and few natural resources.
HDI*: 0.427/1
HDI (World Rank): 157/187

Note: (*) The HDI, Human Development Index, is an Indicator Which Synthesizes Several Data Such as Life Expectancy, Level of Education, Professional Careers, Access to Culture etc.



Low: 24°  |  High: 30°

Humidity: 100%  |  Wind: 26 km/h
Sunrise: 6:35 am  |  Sunset: 6:32 pm

Porto-Novo, Source: Yahoo Weather


Telephone Code:
To Make a Call From Benin, Dial 00
To Make a Call to Benin, Dial +229
Internet Suffix: .bj
Telephone Lines: 1.7 per 100 Inhabitants
Internet Users: 3.8 per 100 Inhabitants
Access to Electricity: 24.8% of the Population

Foreign Trade in Figures

Foreign Trade Indicators 20092010201120122013
Imports of Goods (million USD) 2,1102,0542,2002,0202,150
Exports of Goods (million USD) 1,1001,2821,4101,4001,150
Imports of Services (million USD) 440503494439-
Exports of Services (million USD) 263348396439-

Source: WTO - World Trade Organization - Last Available Data.

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